Transponder (Chip) Timing Equipment

  • MyLaps Pro Chip (formerly AMB) – the same equipment used in the Olympics and in many Tour de France races as well as other international championship races
    • No need to worry about big heavy mats. A simple loop at the finish (transition and splits) records the time
    • Most accurate chip timing system available!
  • MyLaps BibTag – great for running races with lots of participants – Leave it on the Bib and no need to worry about chip collections. Used at the Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Hawaii marathon and many of the world’s largest and most prestigious running races

Traditional Timing Equipment

  • Custom Digital Display Clock(s) 
  • Professional Timers from Alge and Tag Heuer
  • Electronic Photocells (automatic start or finish impulses)
  • Manual Start or Finish Timing Devices
  • Communication Headsets
  • Finish Shoot Supplies

Standard Services

  • Day-of data entry
  • Results by sex, class (virtually unlimited), age, team etc.
  • LIVE web posting of results
  • After-race result posting
  • Results provided in any format

Display Board

  • 16 ft wide by 6 ft tall display portable board
  • Displays text, logos, and simple graphics

Venue Supplies

  • Start and Finish Structures with banners 
  • Fencing and Fence poles 
  • Cones
  • Sound System
  • Bike Racks 
  • Full infrastructure for large triathlons and running races

Our expertise and Professionalism

  • Over two decades in event management